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We are devoted to Parian hospitality, as well as to luxurious touch in each one of our accommodation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for special offers!

Top Paros Accommodation

Paros Luxury Hotels are introducing top Paros hospitality. Therefore, if you are looking where to stay in Paros, you have found your options. The key factor in our accommodations is top guest centred Greek hospitality. You will find our members at the most interesting places of the island. Naoussa village, Parikia the capital, Santa Maria are great location for vacation on Paros island.


Where to stay in Paros

In order to decide where to stay in Paros, you must first get to know our island. It is important as well, to know what you are looking for during your vacation. Paros Island is an upcoming destination in Greece and Mediterranean. Due to the fact that more and more people visit it every year, a variety of hotels and villas are now available. Additionally, you can choose where to stay in Paros, taking into your consideration variety of locations.

In order to visit Paros Island, you must be looking for few aspects on your holiday. Those are variety of beaches, nature, vibrant nightlife, quality cuisine, accessibility, variety of accommodation, water sports, sunsets or honeymoon. If so, than Paros will exceed your expectations due to the fact that you will find all of that here. We believe that it is safe to say that, this is the most complete island in Cycladic complex. Additionally, you can have in mind that local people are warm and pleasant. Everyone is inspired to show the best of what Paros has to offer, even if one is not in the travel business.

Best time of the year to stay in Paros

When to visit Paros Island? It really depends on the type of your vacation. For example, you might be seeking for wind surfing or kite surfing adventure. Therefore, the best months to visit Paros is July and August. That is due to the fact that during this period, strong north winds compose the best meteorological conditions. On the other hand, if your vacation is centered on staying in luxury hotels but you have limited budget, than May or September are suitable months. It is just before (or after) the full season and the weather is sunny and temperature is high. Of course, if you are passionate about trekking or cycling, you might choose May, June or September as well. This is just a thought to avoid months with highest temperatures. You should know as well, that in May first daily cruises to nearby islands start their schedule.

Easter in Paros is an interesting period to visit the island as well. It is an opportunity to see many traditions passed from generation to generation. The hospitality of people, plenty of good food and local wine are also part of Easter in Paros. Additionally, landscape is different during this period. Mountains are covered with green grass, flowers are blooming and the sea is calm and blue.

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