Our Santa Maria Hotels & Villas

The area of Santa Maria is situated at the northeast coast of Paros island. It’s quiet and only 4 km away from Naoussa village.

Top Santa Maria Hotels

Santa Maria is one of the most well-known places on Paros island. Its location, on the north-east coast, is suitable for a relaxing vacation close to Naoussa village. The area features two beaches, the primary Santa Maria and the Small Santa Maria. Each one offers a different experience to its visitors. The first one is more vibrant and wide, with beach bars and weather sports centers. The second is quiet and divided to two beaches: organized with sunbeds and secluded with just powdery sand. If you choose to stay in Santa Maria, you should have your own mean of transport. That way, you will have two amazing beaches and Naoussa at your fingertips. Members of Paros Luxury Hotels in this area offer top hospitality and serenity during your stay on our island.

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