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Your vacation on Paros island it's very important to us. Therefore our Paros Luxury Hotels provide you with useful information regarding our beaches, things to do, etc. If you have any questions about which places to see, attraction, or something specific regarding beaches, don't hesitate to send us an email.

Discover Paros Beaches

If you love places with many options where you can swim, Paros island is ideal choice. There are more than 40 Paros beaches, surrounding our coastline.

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Santa Maria Paros, is one of the famous beaches of Paros island. This sandy paradise is located on the northeast coast, just 5 km away from Naoussa village. The main beach of Santa Maria, stretches for about 500 meters. You will find all the necessary services here, which will contribute for spending a relaxing, yet exciting time on the beach. Beach bars offer refreshing drinks and snacks, while playing chill-out music. For your disposal, in each beach bar, there are available sunbeds and umbrellas, usually for extra charge.
Water sports are a “must to do” on Santa Maria Paros. Depending on your level of confidence, you can rent or take lessons of a variety of water sports. Windsurfing, scuba diving, seabike, seayak are just a few of your choices on this beach.
Don’t be surprise when you get to Santa Maria Paros, if there is a beach party going on at one of the bars. This is quite common here, especially during the high season on Paros island.
The beach itself is amazing. It consists of powdery, golden sand. The sea is crystal clean and most of the time, there are no big waves. It is quite enjoying to swim or just relax on the sunbeds and watch the opposite Naxos island. As this is an exciting place on Paros island, you can walk beyond the borders of Santa Maria to the south. You will see small gulfs and sandy beaches right in front of you, totally unorganized. If you are seeking total relaxation and serenity, this is a place to be. From here, a coastal dirt road starts and stretches all the way to Ampelas villade. The distance is about 4 km.
If you like to enjoy underwater environment by swimming with mask and flippers, you should go towards the islet Filidi. You will see it when looking southeast from Santa Maria beach. The underwater floor is rocky here and therefore, more interesting. As it is far enough to swim from the main beach, we suggest you reach the islet by feet and start exploring the sea from there.
You can reach Santa Maria by bus from Naoussa, using your own means of transport like car or motorcycle. If you are up for it, you can also get here by bike, as the road is quite level.
You might have heard about Small Santa Maria beach. This is also an amazing sandy paradise, consisting of two small beaches. It is located to the north from the main Santa Maria Paros, about 1.5 km away. Our luxury accommodation, Aeraki Villas, is located near Small Santa Maria.

paros beaches


Kolymbithres beach in Paros island is definitely one of the local attractions. You will find it in Naoussa Bay opposite to the village. There are two ways to reach Kolymbithres. You can use the road that follows the coastline of the bay towards Paros Park. It is always a good idea to rent your own mean of transport in Paros island. You will be able to explore more places quicker. But, if you don’t have a car or motorcycle, you can reach Kolymbithres using local bus line. On the other hand, we suggest you the other, more traditional way. By caique from Naoussa village. On the other hand, we suggest you the other, more traditional way. By caique from Naoussa village. Caique is a traditional Cycladic type of fishing boat, specialy modified and used in this occasion to transfer people. Their starting point is across the small bridge in Naoussa port.
The uniqueness of Kolymbithres beach is its geological “design”. The impressive rocks that you see in the photos have been shaped by the wind and weather for millions of years. The outcome of this long-term corruption is an artistic display of the beauty of nature. In Kolymbithres, there are two main beaches, which are organized and feature sunbeds and umbrellas. You can order a refreshing drink or a snack from the bar on the beach. Those two beaches are sandy and beautiful. Because of their small size, they can get crowded quite quickly. Therefore, you should get there early. Between the rocks, smaller, few meters wide beaches are also available to Kolymbithres visitors. You will not find sand here but you will feel like you are on your private beach, since only three to four people can fit there. This is truely a “must visit” place on Paros island.
Near Kolymbithres, you will find also few restaurants where you can enjoy early dinner. Few hundred meters away, there is a water sport center, if you like to add a little adrenaline to your day. About 2 kilometers away from Kolymbithres, you will find the well-known Paros Park, with its trekking paths, lighthouse and Monastiri beach.

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Monastiri beach is another famous and unique location on Paros island. It is located north of Naoussa village, on the other side of the bay. The environment of Monastiri beach makes it one of the top Paros beach. As it is situated in Paros Park, this is the cape at the entrance to Naoussa Bay, and it is surrounded by the island nature. You should know that this is the environmental park of Paros island. The beach itself is sandy with shallow water. Along with the fact that it is protected from the waves, as it is inside of a small bay, Monastiri beach is suitable and safe for children. It is also organized and you will find all the necessary comforts here. Sunbeds and umbrellas are provided by the beach bar and water sport center will not allow you to get bored. You can also get snacks and lunch here.
Just like Kolymbithres beach on Paros island, there are two ways to reach Monastiri, by the road or by caique boat. If you will use the road stretching along the coast of Naoussa Bay, the beach is located at the end of it, about 7 km away from Naoussa. The most fun and memorable bay to get to Monastiri is by caique boat and we suggest you chose it. Those are traditional Cycladic fishing boats, modified to transfer passengers. Schedules are quite often, about every 30 minutes, starting from Naoussa port. If you are in a mood to explore more beaches, you can take caique to Kolymbithres beach initially, relax and swim. Afterwards you can use caique again from Kolymbithres to Monastiri.
As we said before, the beach is located in environmental Paros Park. This cape features three trekking routes with variety of length, a museum and a small monastery. Probably the most impressive attraction in Paros Park, is the Korakas lighthouse built in 1887. To reach it, you can follow one of the trails. During the hot summer days, you should know that the best hours for trekking are until 12:00 and from 18:00. You should always have with you sufficient amount of water and maybe a hat, to protect you from the sun.

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This unique and famous environment on Paros island, took its name from the sand. Golden Beach Paros might be located 16 km away from Naoussa and 20 km away from Parikia but it is one of the “must see” places. Therefore you should visit it too. Golden Beach on Paros island attracts people from all over the world. It is probably more recognizable by windsurfers, because it used to host The World Windsurfing Cup in the past. The wind on the east side of Paros island crate a phenomenon known as tube effect. The wind squeezes between our island and the opposite Naxos island. The outcome of this effect is a stable, stronger wind, perfect for surfing.

Golden Beach by itself is more than 1 km long. Its size doesn’t allow it to get crowded easily. It features many beach bars along its length, which offer sunbeds and umbrellas. Each one of beach bars has its own kitchen and therefore, a lunch here is always an option. Of course, if wish to stay in the area of Golden Beach for dinner, you will not be disappointed. There are many taverns in the area to satisfy your palate. More dining options are available in Drios village, about 5 minutes by car to the south of Golden Beach. Just 4 km away to the north, there is Piso Livadi village. This is one of the picturesque settlements of Paros island, with a beautiful small harbor. You will find even more taverns and cafes here, for more variety of choices.

If you follow the coastal route to the north, will find the so called New Golden Beach. It is quite close to the main beach, just 1.5 km away. It is also sandy and beautiful. Yet, you should know that it can get crowded by people from the nearby hotels.

If you have your own mean of transport, it will be easy to reach this amazing beach on Paros island. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have one. There are regular bus schedule both from Naoussa and Parikia.


Piperi beach is quite popular among visitors which stay in west part of Naoussa. It is not that famous like other beaches of Paros island, but it is a good choice for a quick splash. If you are staying in Naoussa, even at the other end, you can get here by foot. The location of Piperi beach is unique and beautiful. It is surrounded by small hills on its three sides. Especially the west side is interesting if you are into snorkeling. The impressive rocks form an interesting environment which you can explore. Piperi beach is not organized. Few umbrellas that you will find, belong to our Senia Hotel and are reserved for its guests. There are few trees on the beach which offer a natural shade. This is the spot where you can cool down and enjoy the view of the sea and Naoussa’ marina. As Piperi beach is “looking” to the north, it is vulnerable to north winds. During the windy days, waves are reaching the beach making it hard to swim at. Therefore, you should be careful.
As we said above, this is one of a few not organized beaches on Paros island. So, if you decide to visit it, make sure you have water with you. If not, you will find a grocery just above Piperi beach.
After few hours on the beach, you might want to have dinner. The closest choice is a tavern right above the beach. Of course, the famous picturesque port of Naoussa with many choices is about 300 meters away.
Piperi beach is not recommended for people with disabilities. To reach it, you will have to us stairs on the one side, or quite steep hill on the other side.
If you are staying in Parikia or in other locations of Paros island, it is easy to get here. Those who don’t have their own means of transport can use the local bus line. There is a connection to Naoussa from almost all the areas of Paros island.

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Agioi Anargyroi can be described as the top beach in Naoussa. It might not be famous like other beaches on Paros island, but it is within walking distance from Naoussa. The area and the location of Agioi Anargyroi, makes it also the most popular, as it is so close to the village’ center.
The sand of the beach starts at the east end of Naoussa village and stretches for more than 500 meters. As one of the longest beaches on Paros island, it doesn’t get crowded easily. Although, you should know that there are some umbrellas and sunbeds, which are hard to get. That is because there are few hotels on the beach with guest rushing out to enjoy the Aegean Sea. The beach itself has plenty of space for you to lie down and enjoy sunbathing and swimming.
Agioi Anargyroi is suitable for spending family time on the beach. Its location, inside of a bay, protects it from wave, made by northern winds. If you are staying in Naoussa, it is easy to reach and therefore, there is no discomfort for your children. You should know that at the east side of Agioi Anargyroi, the waves are affecting the beach even less. A good choice for families staying in Naouss among the beaches on Paros island. If you are more active, we recommend you to spend few hours on Santa Maria beach or on Small Santa Maria. Then, on your way back to Naoussa, make a stop on Agioi Anargyroi beach for another splash. Afterward, you can go for dinner in the village’ port and enjoy sun dissapearing below the horizon.

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Welcome to the most unique area of Paros island, Molos. This place is a location protected by the European Law Natura 2000. Molos Beach Paros, lies on the east coast of the island. It is one of the biggest on Paros island, stretching for more than 1 km.
Molos beach is unspoiled and not effected by tourism development of Paros island. If you are looking for a place to relax, where the serenity conditions should exceed your expectations, you found it. It consists of sand and pebbles. There are no organized facilities here. You will not find sunbeds, umbrellas or beach bars on Molos beach. There is only a small windsurfing center, approximately on the middle of the beach. The sea here is crystal and shallow. Therefore, if you are visiting Paros island with your children, Molos is a safe choice. The other factor that contributes to family time on the beach is that it is located in a huge bay. Because of this, during the summer months when northern winds dominate in Aegean, there are no big waves in Molos. If there are some waves, relocate yourself to the north part of Molos beach, where the protections is more efficient. Molos beach features one of the most picturesque family-owned chapels on Paros island. It is called St. Nikolaos. What makes it so unique is its location. You can find on the north end of Molos and don’t forget to take few pictures and light up a candle! On the south end of the Molos beach you there is a very small harbour, hosting family-owned fishing boats. It also deserves few pictures.
As the beach is unspoiled, you have to come here fully organized. A sufficient amount of water is mandatory, as it is an umbrella. There are few trees offering natural shade, but you should play it safe and arrive prepared. A snack also might be useful after few hours on the beach.
To reach this amazing location of Paros island comfortably, you will need your own mean of transport. The bus stops is in Marmara village and it does not reach Molos beach. Therefore, if you don’t have a car or a motorcycle, you will have to walk about 2 km. This can be tiring on the way back to Marmara, as it is an uphill. To reach Molos from Naoussa, you will have to drive for about 20 minutes, as it is 14 km away. From Parikia, there are two routes to get to Molos beach. One is passing through Naoussa and the second is via Lefkes, one of the most beautiful villages on Paros island. Just know that this roat features many turns.

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Kalogeros beach Paros, is also known as nature’s spa on our island. If you were looking at photos from Paros island, and by chance saw some with people with mud on their faces, it was from this beach. It is familiar to residents of Paros island, that the mud from Kalogeros has therapeutically abilities for your skin. Therefore, when you will visit this quiet beach, don’t be shy to put some all over your body. The mud you are looking for can be found on the north end of Kalogeros.
It’s interesting how this unique beach of Paros island got its name. Kalogeros means monk in Greek. The tale says that a monk took its own life by jumping from the impressive cliffs above the beach. Therefore, it was named Kalogeros.
The location of the beach, on the east coast of Paros island, next to Molos beach, is very special. All the area is protected by Natura 2000 legislation. You will not find many signs of tourism development here. There are no beach bars, umbrellas or sunbeds. Just the sea, the sandy beach and its visitors. Having that in mind, you need to be organized. You should bring with you sufficient amount of water and some snacks. The closest settlement with shop, Marmara village, is about 2 km away. Between Molos beach and Kalogeros beach, there is a small tavern. Bear in mind that it might be closed during the time you are on the beach. You should also know that on Molos, there is a small windsurfing school.
If you don’t have a car, a motorcycle or bicycle, reaching Kalogeros is not very easy. Due to its location on Paros island, the buses reach only Marmara village. From there you will have to continue by foot for about 2km. If you have your own mean of transport, you will reach it quite fast. The distance of Kalogeros from Naoussa is about 14 km or 20 minutes’ drive. From Parikia it is a little bit longer about 35 minutes, as the distance is 20 km.

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Marcello Beach Paros is located in Parikia Bay, 3 km away from the island capital. There are three ways to reach Marcello beach Paros. First of all, you can use your own mean of transport by following the road leading north from Livadia beach. You can also reach it on foot, following the trail that start at the north end of Livadia beach Paros or you can choose the more exciting way and take one of the small fishing boats from Parikia, specially adjust for transporting people.
Marcello Beach, as one of the best Paros beaches, is crowded during summer months. It attracts usually younger people, both Paros visitors and local inhabitants. It consists of yellowish sand and amazing, crustal clear water. It’s very well organized. There are beach bars playing music and offering sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a beach volley court where you can enjoy this sport with friends or other people on the beach.
While you swimming or enjoying sunbathing, you will have Parikia village for a view, along with the mountains surrounding it and ships entering the main port of Paros.
Marcello beach Paros is right next to Krios beach, and in fact both beaches share the same beach line. If you like to find more quiet spot on Marcello, there are few small sandy beaches at the west end of the coast, just a couple of meters long.

paros beaches


Krios beach Paros is a popular one, especially among tourists and residents of Parikia. That is because Krios beach is located just 3 km away from the capital of Paros. It shares the same beach line with Marcello, also popular among Paros beaches.
Located in Parikia Bay, Krios beach Paros water is almost always calm, without waves. Because of its position, you will enjoy swimming and relaxing with Parikia for a view. Its powdery sand attracts mainly young people not only from Parikia, but also from distant areas of Paros.
On Krios beach Paros you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, beach volley court (not during every season, but most of the times it’s there) and beach bar, offering drinks and snacks.
Krios is quieter than its “twin brother” Marcello beach. But because of their close distance from each other, you can easily choose which suites you more.
To reach Krios beach you can use the road starting from Livadia beach, if you have your own mean of transport. If not, you can get there by small boat from Parikia port. There also is a trail starting from the north end of Livadia towards Krios beach.

paros beaches


Punda Beach Paros is one of the popular Paros beaches. But you might get confused. Punda Beach Paros is located at the east coast of the island but there is also an area with the same name at the west coast of Paros (west Punda), from where small ferries departing for Antiparos. Punda Beach Paros is located 15 km away from Naoussa village and 17 km away from Parikia, the capital of Paros. The beach is sandy and the water touching it is crystal clear. Although it’s not as big as other beaches on east coast of Paros, it’s popular because of its beach bar. There are all day party organized there, crowded usually with youth, that last till late evening hours.
On the beach there are umbrellas and sunbeds. You should take into your consideration that because of the beach size, it’s not easy to find unoccupied sunbed, when the beach is crowded. In case if you get tired from the loud music coming from the beach bar, there are many beaches nearby. It’s easy to get to them, especially if you have a means of transport. To get to Pound Beach, you can use the local bus line from Naoussa and Parikia.


Small Santa Maria, also known as Little Santa Maria is a less known beach of Paros island. But, if you are looking for a quiet beach, without many signs of tourism development, this is your place. We are not suggesting that Small Santa Maria doesn’t get crowded. It attracts many visitors from surrounding villas and apartments, as well as local residents of Paros island. Yet, there is now beach bar and loud music.
The beach actually consists of two small bays. The first one features sunbeds and umbrellas (during some seasons) and “hosts” most of the visitors. The water here is unforgettably crystal and the golden sand is unique. This part of Small Santa Maria is suitable for family escape. Your children can play in the sand or in the sea, where the water is shallow for many meters in. After few minutes in the sun, they can hide under the umbrella to cool down.
The other bay is an unexploited part of Small Santa Maria. There are no umbrellas and sunbeds here. Therefore, you have to come prepared, as natural shade is also absent. You will need to have some kind of protection from sun with you. Your own umbrella and sunscreen are the best choices, especially if you are on Paros island in July or August. Sufficient amount of water is also needed. This bay doesn’t attract as many people as the first one due to the lack of infrastructure. Therefore, it is quieter and you will find here rare serenity.
In Small Santa Maria, there is a small water sport center. Also, if you like to swim with mask or snorkel, the underwater environment is interesting here. There are some rocks between the bays and on the east side of the first.
There are two ways to reach this part of Paros island. Using your own mean of transport or, by bus to Santa Maria and then continue by foot. It is a 20 minute walk but it is worth it. The small entrance is opposite to the tavern called Dichti or ΔΙΧΤΥ. Look for a blue sign showing the entrance.

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Logaras beach is another sandy paradise on Paros island. It is considered the main beach of Piso Livadi village. This is a small and beautiful coastal settlement on the east coast of Paros island.
Logaras beach is a place that you will definitely enjoy. It consists of powdery sand, just like most of the beaches on the east coast. The water is crystal and for sure, you will like the view of the opposite Naxos island. The beach features few sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a lot of natural shade from the trees growing from the sand. Logaras is quite long, yet it can get crowded during the full season on Paros island. That is due to its location and beauty. It is quite popular among locals and tourists. Piso Livadi village features many hotels and accommodation. Therefore, Logaras is their first choice for a swim and sunbathing. The rule that applies here is the same with any other famous beach on Paros island. If you get there early, you will find a better spot!
Within walking distance from Logaras beach, there is a picturesque small harbor for fishing boats. This is where you will find many cafes and fish taverns. The seafood here is delicious, as it is one of the aspects that Piso Livadi is known for. You should also know that from this harbor, many daily cruises are departing for Naxos island, Koufonissi and other nearby destinations. You don’t have to be organized in order to visit Logaras. There are many shops nearby where you can by soft drinks and snacks. Just a towel and sunscreen will do.
As we mentioned above, this wonderful beach is located right next to Piso Livadi, on the east coast of Paros island. Its distance from Naoussa is 13 km and 17 km from Parikia, the capital of the island. If you don’t have a car or other mean of transport, there is a regular bus line towards Piso Livadi. Afterwards, you can walk for few minutes to reach the beach.
In case you haven’t noticed it on the map, the famous Punda Beach is right next to Logaras. It is a place where the party starts from midday and ends after the sunset.


Parasporos beach is quite popular on Paros island. One of the reasons is that it is located near Parikia, the capital of Paros island. Only 5 km away from the center of the village, it offers quiet escape. There is no loud music on the beach. You will hear only the sound of sound of waves and people enjoying them. There are no beach bars on Parasporos, yet there is a tavern where you can get something to eat. There is limited number of umbrellas and sunbeds. If you will not find one available, you can use the natural shade of the few trees on the beach.
Parasporos consists of pebbles, sand and large rocks. Therefore, it is not preferred by visitors of Paros island, who enjoy only sandy beaches. There are many guests of the surrounding accommodations that come to Parasporos. Yet, it rarely gets crowded because of its size.
When you will be on your way towards the beach, don’t confuse it with Parasporos area, which is located 2 km from your destination. Consult your GPS or Google Maps.
As we pointed out before, there is a tavern on the beach. But there is no harm in arriving organized with few bottles of water and some snacks.
As the beach is “looking” towards the sunset, you can stay here till the evening. But, you should know that the sunset might not be seen clearly. North of the beach, there is a small hill from with a stunning view is guarantee.
For more variety in your day, there is another beach about 800m away from Parasporos. It is called Delfini and you can get there by car or by foot.
To reach Parasporos beach, you will need your own mean of transport or use the bus to a certain point. From there you will have to walk. If you are staying in Parikia, you can get there even using a bicycle.


Lolantonis beach is one of the popular locations on the south coast of Paros island. Few years back, this used to be a secluded spot and only few visitors of Paros island knew about it. Today it welcomes many people on a daily basis from all over the island. Most of them are residents of Paros, but many people who came to the south coast for Golden Beach also visit Lolantonis.
If you are staying in Naoussa, you should know that Lolantonis is 18 km away. Therefore, it is about 30 min drive but it is worth the trip. You can stop in many beautiful places along the way. Golden Beach, Drios village or even Piso Livadi village are few of them.
Those of you who stay in the capital of Paros island, Parikia, the distance to Lolantonis is about 23 km. The road on this side is longer and therefore, offers more sights, like Antiparos island view. On your way back from Lolantonis, you can make a stop in Aliki village. This is a beautiful coastal settlement with many fish taverns and cafes.
Lolantonis beach consists of sand and big pebbles. The water is crystal clear, quite enjoyable to swim. When the visibility is good, you will be able to see as far as Ios island and Sikinos. If weather along with waves is your concern, we will give you a tip. You should know that in this spot of Paros island, there will be waves only if there is southern wind. But, because most of the time during summer, the wind direction is from the north, you will be safe. For few seasons know, there is a lovely beach bar on Lolantonis. Beside delicious dishes and beverage, it offers sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.
You can consider visiting this beautiful place, if you have your own mean of transport. That is because, no matter on which side of Paros island you are staying, the trip will be pleasant. You will stop many times to take photos of the landscape and of the picturesque houses.

Things to do in Paros Island

Extreme water sports, trekking, touring and many more activities for every taste. You will not miss anything on Paros island.


Windsurfing should be your number one on your things to do in Paros list. This water sport is almost like a local tradition in Paros. Of course this is not by accident. The conditions for windsurfing in Paros are very favorable, especially during the summer months. On the east and west side of the islands’, a narrow alley of wind is formed, between Naxos and Antiparos. This creates a strong and steady wind flow that the windsurfers take advantage of. Those are the conditions that attract athletes, both professionals and amateurs from all over the world, with combination of shiny weather and the beauty of Paros. You should know that until recently, on Golden Beach or Chryssi Akti, the Windsurfing World Championship was organized every year.
Just by knowing the above, you can understand that you have to try windsurfing here. There are many beaches in Paros with watersport centers where you can rent equipment by the hour. If you don’t know how to surf, that will not be a problem. Almost in every sport center, there is an instructor and you can take some lessons. The most popular beach for windsurfing in Paros is Golden Beach on the east coast and Punda on the west. Don’t be confused with the Punda beach on the east coast of Paros. Punda for windsurfing is located close to the port from where the small ships depart for Antiparos. Of course, you will find watersport centers on other Paros beaches like Santa Maria, Marcello, Livadia and Monastiri.

Kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular in Paros. As our island’s number one extreme sport is windsurfing, kitesurfing has become number two.
In Paros, kitesurfing enthusiasts will find the proper wind conditions, especially on the west coast. The narrow alley between Paros island and Antiparos island, creates a steady wind flow that works in favor of this impressive sport. That is why in the area of Punda, within a walking distance from the small port from which the ferries depart for Antiparos, there is the biggest water sport center in Paros. This place is a magnet for kitesurfers and windsurfers, not only from Greece but from all over the globe. You can the equipment of your choice here if you are in advanced stage or take a few lessons during your vacation. The instructors are professionals with years of experience. You should know that the Kitesurfing World Championship is organized here.
Even if you are not kitesurfing enthusiast, you might want to take a trip to Punta during the summer months. The sky is covered with kites and surfers are performing some amazing things. Afterwards you can visit Antiparos island for a daily trip.

Paros horse riding is for people who enjoy the serenity and nature. Using a horse as your mean of transport during a tour, you will be able to reach places and spots that are inaccessible by other means. In Paros there are horseback riding centers, which organize a variety of daily trips to several places. No matter your skill level, you will enjoy a pleasant experience over the guidance of professional instructors.
Most of the horse riding centers in Paros have scheduled routes that you will follow. Those routes include some amazing spots, where you will see the natural beauty of Paros. The choice of the route will depend on your riding experience and the weather. A nice experience is when you ride a horse along the beach, but inside the Aegean Sea, when there are no waves.
The time that the excursion lasts is between 2 and 8 hours, and costs from 35 € to 55 €. If you have the required experience or like to see places of your choice, most of the times, a tailor made tour can be arranged.
Due to the weather condition in Paros during the summer months, the excursions are organized in the morning or after midday. It’s safer for the riders and the horses. The horse riding centers will provide you the outfit and safety.

Diving is one of the most attractive water sport in the world. In Paros, Greece, there are diving centers at the most popular places of the island. You will find them in Naoussa, Parikia, Golden Beach, Santa Maria and Aliki village. The underwater attractions of Paros are worth discovering. Some of them were formed by nature, and some are the outcome of human activity, like shipwrecks or World War II airplanes.
Diving centers in Paros are run by professional drivers and instructors. They provide all the necessary equipment for diving enthusiasts with experience, and diving lessons for beginners and tourists. If you are thinking to obtain a PADI license, than Paros diving centers are a good place to start your first steps, even during your vacation. In order for you to dive and see the underwater beauty of our island, the centers organize boat trips towards various locations. If you wish to do just some snorkeling, only with mask, snorkel and flippers, the instructors will take care of you and you will have a great time.
Probably the most impressive underwater sight of Paros island, is located on the south coast of the island. About 2 miles to the south of Aliki village, there are two secluded islets, called Panteronissi and Tigani. In this area, there is a underwater cave. This is a magnet for divers that visit Paros island. It has a stalactites and there are spots in the cave where you can remove your mask because the water level is below the cave ceiling.
There are also other interesting sights created by nature. One is a small islet located across Drios village where there is a reef. Another impressive reef is located in Tripiti area, and it ends in a cave. Opposite of Nea Chryssi Akti beach there is an underwater gorge in Makronisi islets. Not far away from there, is the Prassonissi islet and its reef.
The underwater attractions related with human activity are also impressive. The most well known, yet a part of a sad story, is the ferry Express Samina. On September 26, 2000 the ship crashed Paros Doors (the two distinguish rocks outside of Parikia Bay) and sank. There is also the wreck of Beaufighter, British World War II multi-mission aircraft and Marianna ship which sank in 1981 with no casualties.
The prices for diving lessons are approximately 100€ for 3 hours.

Sailing is definitely the most well-known and exciting, yet relaxing water sport. If you are visiting our island, even just for a few days, you can put sailing on your things to do in Paros list. After all you are in Greece, where sailing is a tradition. Even if you are a beginner you can take a few lessons, just enough for you to “get hooked” and continue your training in your home town.
The Nautical Club of Paros is the best place to take few sailing lessons. Sailing instructors of the club are professionals with decades of experience. You can take advantage of their knowledge, no matter on what level of sailing you are. The sailing courses are made in Parikia Bay and the departure spot is on Livadia beach.
The individual sailing lessons are affordable and the costs is around 40 € per hour per person and 30 € for two people. Small sailing boats are used for the course.
If you are visiting Paros on August, you should know that the Nautical Club of Paros is organizing annual beach volley championship during this month, on Livadia beach. The actual dates vary every year.

Bike tours in Paros are not new to the island. When you reach our island, you will probably see tourists or residents of the island using bicycle. Paros offer good conditions for cycling enthusiasts of every level.
There are many places you can explore using a bicycle. There is a main asphalt road following Paros coast line. You can use it in order to explore the beaches or coastal villages of the island. The slope on the road is difficult in just few places, so if you are cycling regularly, you will probably manage a long ride.
If you prefer the mountain, there are many dirt roads, leading to Paros inland. There are also many dirt roads between the beaches on the east coast of the island.
Just so you know, you can also visit Antiparos island and explore it by bicycle.
No matter where you decide to go, don’t forget to have a sufficient amount of water with you, and some snacks.

This could be considered as Paros daily cruises, but on a traditional boat. It is also one of the best things to do on our island.
Your experience starts in Naoussa, therefore you first have to get there. It is quite easy since the bus connection with the village is frequent. Caique, as you probably know, are traditional fishing boats used in Greece for generations. Here in Paros, few of them have been modified in order to transfer visitors of our island. Those traditional ferries will take you to the famous beaches of Naoussa Bay. Kolymbithres, Monastiri (Paros Park), Laggeri and also Aqua Park are the destinations.
The departure point is in the port of Naoussa, near the small and picturesque bridge. The first departure is at 10:00 (and every 30 minutes) towards Kolymbithres and Monastiri beach. The ride is not too long, about 10 minutes to the first beach.
You can enjoy your swim and the rocks sculpted by the wind and rain on Kolymbithres. This is a well-known place, probably the most photographed beach in Paros. There is a beach bar here, which is not exactly on the beach, that offers refreshments and snacks. You will also find sunbeds and umbrellas, but be aware that the number of them is limited. That is because of the structure of the beach. Be prepared for taking many photos. You will definitely want to show this place to your friends and family back home.
After few hours on Kolymbithres you can take the next caique to Monastiri beach. Just few minutes away, this is more common beach. Also with beach bar, umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports, Monastiri is located in Paros Park area. This protected environment features trekking paths, very well marked. If you up for it, you can walk to Korakas lighthouse, which was built in 1887.
The landscape in this side of the bay is nice and you will want to stay longer. Just don’t forget to take the last caique back to Naoussa.
The third beach you can visit by caique is Laggeri. This secluded place is on the south side of the bay, therefore the itinerary is different than described above. Laggeri beach is not organized, so if you decide to visit it, make sure you have a lot of water with you.
An important tip that you should know, is when there is a strong northern wind, there will be waves during your transfer. Therefore for someone the trip might be less pleasant. But the destinations are worth it.

Beach volley is very popular in Paros. Many young residence of our island made it a tradition during the summer months. Some of them play every day with their friends in the evening. If you are visiting our island with friends, beach volley is definetly one of the things to do in Paros. The conditions are in your favor here. The weather is fantastic and most of Paros beaches are sandy. If you like to play just for fun with your friends, you can do it on any beach without the net. But if you want to use more organized facilities for beach volley you should visit one of Paros island well known beaches. Every year there are courts on Golden Beach, Santa Maria, Marcello, Punda Beach and Livadia. During some season, you can also find nets for beach volley on other beaches. You should know that every August, there’s a beach volley championship, organized by the Nautical Club of Paros on Livadia beach in Parikia.

When you play beach volley, especially in the midday in the sun, dont forget to do a quick splash to cool yourself down. It’s very important during the hot summer days.

Paros trekking can be quite exciting for the enthusiasts of this activity. There are many trails and paths on our island, so you will have a variety of choices. You can hike in Paros inland or along the coast with sea right by you. You will also have the choice of participating in guided walking tour. The distance you will cover is between 12 km and 20 km.
Below we present our proposals for hiking in Paros. Just be careful and make sure you have a sufficient amount of water with you and a hat. You might put some sunscreen on as well.

Villages on Paros Island

Coastal villages with picturesque ports, white houses with blue windows, inland settlements with warm people. Villages of Paros island are worth visiting.


Parikia Paros is the capital of the island, where the main port is located. When you approach Paros, first of all your will see the well-known Portes (doors) islets just outside the Gulf of Parikia.
The characteristic spot of the port of Parikia is a windmill, inside of which there is a tourism office. Therefore, you can get information and various brochures about Paros from the beginning of your stay.
Parikia and the surrounding area has been inhabited for thousands of years. The ancient city was at the same spot where of the modern town of Parikia Paros is today. There is an ancient cemetery, which was used from the 8th century BC till 2nd century AD. This is the proof of the existence of organized society at that time. Paros Archaeological Museum, houses objects and findings from Neolithic, Archaic Cycladic Era etc. found on Paros island. It also hosts findings from the archaeological site of Despotiko, an islet south of Antiparos. Another interesting fact is that on the hill of Agia Anna there are two more archaeological findings: the Asklepieion and the temple of the Pythian Apollo. The Asklepieion is a temple built in order to worship Asclepius, the God of Medicine, worshiped all over Greece. Furthermore, three kilometers north of Parikia, on a hill, there is a temple of Apollo of Delos and it is facing Delos, an ancient city built on an islet opposite to Mykonos island. In addition, there was also a temple of the goddess Artemis, as well as an ancient cemetery.
Another attraction in Parikia, are the ruins of a Venetian castle, built in the 13th century by the Duke of Naxos, Sanudos and it is one of the most popular attractions of Paros. That is, most of all, because of its construction. Ancient inhabitants of Paros were using marbles and pieces of ancient temples columns of Paros to build the wall. The Castle is at amphitheatrical on a hill.
Most noteworthy in Parikia and the most famous of all the attractions of Paros, Ekatontapiliani church, is very close to the port. It’s one of the largest and the most important early Christian monument in Greece. It was built in the 4th century and took its name, according to tradition, because of its 100 gates or doors. 99 of them are visible and the last one will reveal it self after opening a secret door in Agia Sophia in Istanbul.
Next to Ekatontapiliani church there is the Byzantine Museum of Paros, where visitors can admire exhibitions of icons, wood carvings and other objects and relics of Paros.
There are many beaches near Parikia which cover all the tastes of visitors. The nearest one is Livadia. This is a long sandy beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Within the Bay of Parikia and opposite to the town, there are other beaches such as Krios and Marcello, both sandy and very well organized. Visitors of the island consider them as some of the best in Paros. Furthermore, if you are looking for something more quiet and secluded, there is the beach of Agios Fokas, on the northern part of the bay. There are two ways to get to the beaches of this part: using a car, or taking a boat from the port of Paros.
Southwest of Parikia, there is another famous beach, Parasporos, which is also sandy and organized with umbrellas and sun beds. In addition it is suitable for children. Closer to Parikia, you will find a small beach, called Delfini.
In Parikia, there are many cafes. You will find the most famous of them west of the port. From there you will be able to admire the beautiful sunset, while enjoying your cocktail. In addition, there is also a variety of taverns and restaurants. Consequently on this side of Parikia, you will taste delicious dishes, both seafood and meat.
You can also discover the alleys of Parikia, full with small shops, from where you can buy gifts as well as cafes and small taverns.
Finally, you can use local buses from Parikia, in order to have access to most parts of Paros island during your stay.


Naoussa Paros, is the second largest village of the island after the capital Parikia and one of the most famous villages of Paros. It is located on the northeastern part of the island, in the Gulf of Naoussa. Naoussa Paros has retained its traditional aspect, despite the tourist development of the area. All houses, hotels and in general almost all buildings of the village, follow the Cycladic architecture. Consequently this is making Naoussa Paros a real ornament of Cyclades. The center of Naoussa Paros is the spot where you can find many cafes, bars and fish restaurants. Those structures in the past, were fishermen’s warehouses but today you can try seafood and fresh fish there.
The port itself, in the center of the village with sailing and fishing boats, is very picturesque. Due to its beauty, it will definitely remain in your mind for a long time. Following the pave from the port to the east, you will reach a square with the most famous bars of Naoussa. Here, you will probably try the best cocktails in Paros (this bars open in the afternoon). Moreover, you can find evening clubs on the main road leading to Marpissa. When you visit Naoussa, you should not miss the night tour in the narrow streets of the village. You will find among them small jewelry shops, traditional, clothing shops, delicacies and cozy bars and restaurants. Naoussa Paros is located in a very convenient spot for visitors. In addition, from the port of the village there are regular ferry boat services by traditional fishing boats modified to transport people. Every 30 minutes, depending on the destination you can get to beautiful beaches, such as Kolymbithres, Monastiri, Laggeri and the Aqua Park. More well known beaches near Naoussa are Santa Maria, Piperi, Xifara, Agioi Anargyri and Ambelas.
You can also visit these places using other means of transportation, like bud, as well as many other villlages in eastern Paros.
The first inhabitants of Naoussa Paros, appear during the Byzantine period. The village was protected by a wall which is one of the attractions of Naoussa Paros. Furthermore, at the highest point of the village, there is an important church, Panagia Pantanassa. This structure dominates along with other churches built in the Byzantine period and attract visitors interested in religious tourism. In Naoussa, you will also find the Folklore Museum and Folklore Collection, where you will have the opportunity to admire traditional costumes. A visit here will travel you back in time, as you will experience the daily life of Paros inhabitants.
It ‘s also noteworthy that in the Gulf of Naoussa, near Kolymbithres beach, in Koukounaries area, there is the Mycenaean Acropolis, built in 1200 BC.
Consequently, Naoussa Paros will be one of the most beautiful seaside villages you will have ever visited.


Lefkes is undoubtedly the most beautiful village of Paros island and it shouldn’t be missing from your programme. Is located in central Paros, within 11 kilometers from Parikia, the island’s capital and 11 km from Naoussa. Lefkes was the first capital of Paros and it is the highest village of the island, built at an altitude of 250 meters. The place was chosen by the first inhabitants due to the constant pirates threat. Some of them were refugees from Crete island.
Thousands of tourists visit every year Lefkes village, but also local residents of Paros love the nature, peace and tranquility that prevail in the village.
On the main street of the village, called Ramnos, you will find tourist shops from where you can buy souvenirs and enjoy delicious dished in the few taverns that follow traditional recipes. There are also many traditional cafes.
On this main street there are also many attractions you can admire. Among the neoclassical buildings that will accompany you on your walk, you will find the House of Literature. From Ramnos, you can lose yourself in the narrow alleys of the village and that is something you should definitely do. All the houses in Lefkes are whitewashed, which is the main color and it’s often accompanied by another. In the yards and on the windows of the houses, you will see colorful flowers that complement the “magic” of the village. In the alleys you will also find many small churches. The main square in Lefkes is also a remarkable attraction, where you can relax in one of the traditional cafes and take pictures.
The temple of the Agia Triada is the most famous symbol of Lefkes, built on a hill in 1835, with its characteristic entrance and the impressive front with two bell towers. It’s worth knowing that it was built by local craftsmen who used the well known marble of Paros. Other known churches of the village are the monastery of Agios Ioannis, the church of Agia Kyriaki and the church of Panagia Ypapanti.
In Lefkes, every year, people organize one of the most famous festivals in Paros, known as the Feast of Karavolas, at the end of August. This is an event that symbolizes the “summer farewell”. The Festival lasts till the first morning hours and the main dishes served are karavolas, a large local dish, accompanied with chickpeas, garlic and other appetizers. Of course, there are also large quantities of local wine.

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Aliki is a fishing village of Paros island, of unique beauty, located on the southern coast of Paros, near the airport. It is 13 km away from the capital Parikia and 23 km from Naoussa.
Aliki is buit on a coastal area preserving the atmosphere of a traditional settlement, despite the fact that it is a popular summer destination, appropriate for families. Sports lovers can find a range of activities provided by hotels and other accommodations, with basketball courts, tennis and football field. The seaside cafes in the harbor provide the necessary coolness.
The village is well known, visited by both tourists and locals, as Aliki’s taverns are well known for their quality fish and seafood that fishermen bring every day. Aliki celebrates the festival of Christ on August 6th and on September 14, the festival of the Cross is organised in the area.
There is a beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters, which rarely has waves, suitable for children also. There are two more beaches, the secluded beach of Piso Aliki, located southeast of the village, which you can reach on foot, and also the famous beach Faragas.
The traditional Cycladic architecture is obvious in this coastal settlement. In Aliki there aren’t narrow alleys as the houses have courtyards with flowers.

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Piso Livadi Paros is considered one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Paros island. It is located 17 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros and 12 km from Naoussa. This village maintains its traditional traits on the one hand, but also is a destination for tourists from the other. Piso Livadi is for visitors who wish their vacation on the island be characterized by tranquility near the sea, overlooking Naxos. The architecture of the village is characterised with whitewashed houses with blue windows and warm local inhabitants.
There are many rooms to let and studios in this beautiful village, which offer view of the small and picturesque port. The taverns and restaurants in Piso Livadi are well known for their excellent fresh seafood and fish dishes. There are also some tourist shops. From Piso Livadi port, small boats depart regurarly to Naxos island and some of Small Cyclades.
In Piso Livadi harbor, there is a beach which consists of sand with natural shade from trees that almost reach the sea. A few hundred meters south of the village, you will find the beach of Logaras, which you can reach on foot and Punta Beach, located just south of Logaras. North of the village there are the beaches of Molos and Kalogeros.
If you decide to stay in this beautiful village, you can also visit the nearby and also beautiful villages such as Marpissa, Prodromos, Marmara and Lefkes.

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Ampelas Paros is a small fishing village on the northeastern coast of Paros island, located 4 km away from Naoussa and 13 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros. Ampelas is an ideal place for those who want to experience calm and relaxing vacation in one of the few rooms to let in a traditional seaside village. The fish taverns in Ampelas serve fresh seafood and fish that are supplied daily by the fishermen that are based in the small port of the settlement.
The beach of Ampelas is a clean sandy not organised beach and well protected from the north winds and rarely has waves making it suitable for children.
From Ampelas you can reach some of the famous beaches of Paros such as Santa Maria, Lageri and Molos.


Marmara Paros is located in the eastern part of the island, 11 km away from Naoussa and 15 km away from Parikia, the capital of Paros, built in a valley close to two other villages, Marpissa and Prodromos. Marmara took its name from the marbles of the area (Marmara = Marbles), used for the construction of churches and houses of the village. The visitor can admire the architecture of Marmara village that is traditional Cycladic, with white houses and blue windows and doors, beautiful churches, such as Kimisis Theotokou and Pera Panagia, which lies east of the village and it’s the main attraction of Marmara.
The village is within walking distance, only 2 km, away from Molos, a large and sandy beach in a large bay, which has not been affected by the touristic development of Paros island.
South of Molos beach, you will meet Kalogeros beach, where sand is like a natural spa for skin care. To get to Kalogeros, use the path from the port of Molos.

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Marpissa Paros is another traditional village of Paros, in the eastern part of the island, located 11 km far from Naoussa and 16 km from Parikia. This village with its cobbled alleys and hidden churches, maintains the tradition of a Cycladic village. Marpissa is not a touristic settlement, but you can find everything here. Staying in this beautiful place experiencing the ultimate relaxation and privacy. Close to Marpissa there are some famous beaches of Paros like Molos, Kalogeros, Logaras and Punda. Just 1.5 km away from Marpissa there is Piso Livadi. This is a beautiful seaside village with restaurants and taverns that serve delicious dishes of fresh fish.
If you decide to visit Marpissa, you can explore the Museum of Sculpture Perantinos and take pictures next to the windmills in the main square. Also, you can visit the Church of the Metamorfosis which was built during the Byzantine period.
Also, on the hill you can see the Monastery of Agios Antonios, which you can visit and admire the magnificent view of Paros, as well as the west part of Naxos. The best way to reach the monastery is by vehicle.
During the Easter, on Holy Friday it does worth a visit since on that day there is a well known festival.

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Drios Paros, is a village of archaeological interest, located on the southeastern coast of the island, 23 km away from Parikia and 17 km from Naoussa. Its main beach consists of sand and crystal clear waters and it is located next to the port of the village, but also many small beaches with pebbles and unorganised. It has several small hotels and rooms to let and taverns that are supplied with fresh fish and seafood on a daily basis.
Just 2 km northeast of Dryos, there is the famous beach of Chrissi Akti (Golden Coast or Golden Beach), which every summer attracts thousands of windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers. On the other side of the village, 2.5 km away, there is Lolandonis beach.
Drios doesn’t have the traditional narrow alleys that you usually see in Paros villages. Many of the houses are surrounded by gardens with olive and citrus trees. Also near the village there is the Cave of Demons.

Attractions on Paros Island

There are many attractions on Paros island. You should see the most interesting of them and choose which to visit.


The Venetian castle in the picturesque port of Naoussa, adds a touch of history in this traditional place. And its a pleasant surprise of the island’s guests.
The castle was built in the early 14th century. In the 15th century was renovated by Sommaripa, the family that dominated in Paros until 1517.
To reach the ruins of the castle, a greater part of which is now submerged, you have to walk on the wall that protects the port of Naoussa. When strong winds blow, waves crash before the wall and you may get wet. In the picturesque harbor of this seaside village, you will find many taverns and cafes. Also, we suggest you explore through the narrow streets of Naoussa, that is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades.


Ekatontapiliani is located in the capital of Paros, Parikia. It is one of the most famous sights of the island and attracts thousands of visitors each year, both from abroad and from all over Greece. Ekatontapiliani also known as Katapoliani, is one of the finest, largest and best preserved Christian monument in the country. According to historical sources, Ekatontapyliani church, was built by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, to fulfill the promise of his mother, St. Helena.
The name of the church comes from the 99 doors, while the latter, the hundredth, will be revealed when Constantinople turns back in the hands of the Greeks.
Ekatontapiliani has suffered a lot of damage in its long history. One of the first damages happened in the time of Justinian by fire and he was involved in its reconstruction. Severe damages were also caused by the raids in 1537 by Hajredin Barbarossa, in 1666 by Mustafa Kaplan and especially by the great earthquake in 1733. During the church restoration after 1733, many additions were made to strengthen the building, which changed its form making it an important architectural monument. The combination of early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine trends and materials from ancient temples of Paros, like marble, add to Ekatontapiliani another element, in addition to its history, which makes it a major attraction of Paros.
In 1965, the restoration was completed in the form from the time of Justinian, from the academic Anastasios Orlandos. This restoration took six years to complete.
Visiting Ekatontapyliani, you will have the opportunity to admire the whole complex, which consists of the main temple, in which there are the chapels of St. Philip of Saints Anargiri and Saint Theoktisti.
The interior of the main temple is very impressive. There you will find four Corinthian columns, the sacred image of Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani of the 17th century and several marble sculptures. The dome of the church is colorful and just below it there is a representation of cherubim Seraphim, similar to the Hagia Sophia frescoes.
Apart from the main temple, you will find the Baptistery, the Cathedral of St. Theodosia, the chapel of Saint Dimitrios and the Basilica of St. Nicholas.
The Baptistery, which lies off the main temple was also built in the 4th century and is considered as one of the best preserved of the Orthodox Church worldwide. The impressive in this part of Ekatontapiliani is the baptismal, made of marble in cruciform.
It is worth knowing that Ekatontapiliani is one of the largest pilgrimages in Greece and the sacred image of Our Lady is the most important pilgrimage image of Cyclades, after the image of the Virgin Mary in Tinos island.
If during your visit to Paros, you do not live in Parikia, it is worth making the trip to see up close this gem of the island. Moreover, you can combine a visit to Ekatontapiliani with one of the nearby beaches (Livadia, Marcello, Aries) and the views of the fantastic sunset. You can also visit other attractions of the capital, such as the Venetian Castle, the Ancient Cemetery or get lost in the alleys, where there are plenty of shops.


The Venetian castle in Parikia is one of the most famous sights of Paros. Known as Fragokastelo, is located on a hilltop and dominates proudly over the island’s capital. The castle was built by Sanudo in the 13th century, who at that time had the title of the Duke of Naxos. For the construction of the castle were used raw materials, various pieces of ancient temples, such as columns, etc. It is worth noting that the castle was built on the ruins of five churches, two of the classical era and three of the ancient times. Among these temples, only a part of the Temple of Athena from the 6th century BC is saved next to which there are ruins of ancient Cycladic settlement. The beauty of this attraction does not end there. In this imposing hill you will admire many small churches, four of which are: Saint Stylianos, St. Anna, St. Mark, the Cross Virgin built in the castle walls.
Do not forget to bring your camera as the view from the hill at Paroikia Bay and the surrounding area is amazing.
This fantastic attraction of Paros is one of the must-places to visit, even if you are not staying in Parikia. After exploring the hill, we recommend a refreshing swim in either the main beach of the capital, or in one of the beaches in the bay opposite Parikia (Marchello, Krios, Agios Fokas). Alternatively, a visit to the central market, to the alleys or a refreshing coffee at one of the seaside cafes, it is always a good choice.


Paros Park is a natural attraction of the island. Its location, at the northeastern part of Naoussa bay, makes this area even more charming. It is a peninsula of 800 acres, hosting many things to see and do. It has three beaches, but the most well-known, is Monastiri beach. It’s well organized and spending few hours here will definitely relax you. This spot of Paros Park features sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bar and water sports center. It also has a dock which is used by traditional fishing boats, specially modified to transfer people. You can use these boats to get to Paros Park from Naoussa village.
The area of Paros Park also features 7 km of marked trails. If trekking is your thing, this is a suitable place to do it. It is practically impossible to get lost and the trails lead to amazing spots where you can take pictures. There are three trails in Paros Park: Monastery-Alonaki-Lighthouse of Cora 1920 m. long (45 min, with no stops), Κatholiκo beach – Lighthouse 1050 m. long (25 min. with no stops), Katholiko beach – Perikopetra Tourkou-Ammos 900 m. long which continues to Almyros and Tourkou – Ammos again, 1500 m. long. The lighthouse at the end of the above mentioned trail is the famous Faro Di Capo Korakas or the lighthouse of Korakas. This is a place you must reach if you decide to walk along the trails. The view is breathtaking, the lighthouse is picturesque and the feeling that occupies you is unique.
Paros Park hosts many summer events in its 700 seat open theater. Many famous musicians entertain residents and visitors of Paros here, as well as many plays featuring famous actors are organized every year. The newest addendum is the open air cinema.
Paros Park also hosts a small museum. It is located at the former cells used by the monks of St. John Deti church. In the museum you will see the permanent exhibition “Paros through Russian Cartography 1770-1774”. Don’t forget to light up a candle in the church.
We early mentioned that to reach this area, you can use the traditional boats from Naoussa. There also is a road leading to this environmental park. You will pass Kolymbithres beach and reach the end of the road, right at Monastiri beach.


Butterfly Valley Paros is a place you would not expect to see on our island. Therefore, if you have some time to spare, it’s worth to visit it. Due to its location, 8 km south of Parikia, you can combine other activities or places to see, along with Butterfly Valley Paros. In this nature reserve, you will have the opportunity to see many local plants, such as olive trees, plane trees, fruit plants, cypresses and ivies. Probably the most unexpected aspect of Butterfly Valley Paros, is the natural water spring.
The main attraction of this place is, of course, the butterflies. The species which you will see here is called Panaxia Quadripunctaria. It belongs to Arctiidae family. Butterfly Valley Paros is the location where they mate. The arrival of the butterflies starts in mid-June and lasts until August. Then, these beautiful creatures remain here until September, when the mating period ends. As they fly only at night, sometimes you can see thousands of them on one day and on the other they will be gone. From now on, a journey for finding a suitable place to lay eggs begins. Every butterfly will “produce” about a hundred of them in October, and afterwards it will die. The strongest youngsters will be back on the next June in Butterfly Valley Paros to mate.
If someone would describe the colors of the butterflies, it would be brown-black, with yellow margins and strips. During their flight, two red tail feathers are revealed.
If you decide to visit this greenish landscape, you need to know that keeping quiet is very important. Butterflies store energy in order to continue their journey. If they get spooked, they will fly and consume a part of this precious energy.
The area where the valley is located features some other interesting sights. The Monastery of Transfiguration, the church of Saint Arsenios and Byzantine watermill are the most interesting.
If you like to cool yourself down by jumping into the sea, there are few beaches nearby. West Pounda, where you can admire wind and kite surfers, or participate too, is just 10 minutes away. Also Agia Irini beach, a quiet place, is 3 km away.
Since you reach Butterfly Valley Paros, you could continue south towards Aliki. This is a small fishing village where you can relax on a sandy beach and have some coffee. Of course a dinner here is a joy, especially if you love fresh fish and seafood.


Antiparos cave is not only one of the most impressive sights of the island of Paros, but also of the Cyclades. The impressive entrance to the Antiparos cave is 170 m above the sea level. The picturesque chapel of St. John welcomes you, which communicates with an even smaller, that of Zoodochos Pigi. The chapel of the Zoodochos Pigi is the oldest and was built about 350 years ago. Also, at the entrance to this attraction, a huge stalagmite welcomes you. It is called Huge Central Column and it is the oldest in Europe.
Antiparos cave has an area of 5,600 square meters and a depth of 85 m. The inside of the cave temperature is stable at approximately 15 degrees Celsius.
This area, full of stalactites and stalagmites, is known by locals as “Shelter”, because since ancient times to the twentieth century, it was the vanishing point during wars.
Antiparos cave consists of three halls. The first room called “chamber of stone waterfalls” is rich of stalactites and stalagmites, which resemble waterfalls.
The second room is the richest and the most impressive. It is located 85 m. from the entrance of the cave and is called “chamber of the cathedral.” Here in Christmas of 1673 took place the service by Marquis de Douanel. On the right side of the hall, you will see a large number of white stalagmites and stalactites that resemble chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the cave. Also, in this room there is the well-known formation of “Black Waterfall” and “Altar” stalagmites. At the same level, there is a small room, called “the chasm Hall” (considered part of the second) in which you can admire the stalagmite called “Umbrella”.
The third and last room is called “Royal”. This name comes from the inscription engraved by King Otto and Queen Amalia.
It is noteworthy, that the imformation about human presence in the cave travel back in times of the Stone Age. Antiparos cave is open to visitors from April to October, from 10:00 to 18:00. The ticket costs 5€ and children have 50% discount. It is important that every visitor to come to terms with the rules for their safety and the maintenance of the attraction. You must also know that because of the high level of humidity, access is denied to people who have heart and breathing problems.


Ancient cemetery of Parikia, the capital of Paros island, was discovered in 1983. The research during and after excavation shown that it was used between 8th century B.C. and 3th century B.C. It is consider as one of the most important ancient findings on Paros island.
The ancient cemetery of Paros island is easy to find. You will find it near the port, next to the main coastal street, opposite to the marina.
Next to the area of the cemetery, there is an exhibition space, where you can admire small artefacts found in this spot. There are also photos taken during all the excavations.
If you are not staying in Parikia, you can combine a visit to ancient cemetery, with other attractions. The famous Panagia Ekatontapiliani, the church with 99 doors and one of the first Christian monuments in Greece, is nearby. It is worth knowing that this is the most important attraction of Paros island. Behind the church, you will find the Archeological Museum of Paros. You can explore this sight too.
A perfect day on Paros island must include one of our beach. Therefore, after the exploration of attractions in Parikia, you can go to Livadia beach. You will find it less than 1 km away from the Ancient cemetery. This is the long sandy beach, stretching across the bay. There are many restaurants and taverns in the area and therefore, you can stay here until dinner time.


Ancient quarry on Paros island is one of less visited attractions, but it had an important role in our history. You will find it in Marathi area in inland of Paros island. Just 6 km away from Parikia and 10 km away from Naoussa, the ancient quarry of Paros is easily accessible. Especially if you have your own mean of transport, you will get there quickly.
The marble of Paros island was mined in this quarry since the ancient times, until 1881. It is considered as one of the top in the world due to its transparency. This is the unit of measurement of quality. Just to have a number in mind, marble in Paros island has transparency of 7 cm. The marble which was used to build the Parthenon has transparency of 1.5 cm.
The quarry has three entrances. The most well-known is called Cave of the Nymphs. It is hard to believe that marble for Paros island was exported not only to other spots in Greece, but also abroad. It was used to build the temple of Apollo in Delos, some parts of Parthenon and of the temple of Poseidon at Sounion. In Istanbul it was used to build the monastery of Vlacherna. Its reputations reached as far as Venice in Italy.
Marble of Paros island had an important role in cultural history as well. Especially the Cave of the Nymphs. It was used to build famous sculptures like Venus de Milo, Nike of Samothrace, Paionios Nike. It was also used by Scopas the Parian and Agorakritos, well-known local sculptors.
The total length of “caves” of the quarry is about 190 meters. The biggest is the Cave of the Nymphs. If you decide to visit this attraction, you should be extra careful. The “caves” are exposed to the power of nature and therefore, safety should be a priority. Make sure you have with you a flashlight and water. We advise you not to go deep inside the quarry, unless you are accompanied by a guide.
Since you will be in Marathi area, we suggest you continue to drive along the road to Lefkes village. This is a beautiful place and the highest village of Paros island. The view from there is panoramic. You will see the surrounding islands and you will take impressive photos.