small santa maria paros

small santa maria paros
small santa maria paros


Most of Paros visitors heard of Santa Maria. But did you know that there is also Small Santa Maria beach? This is a smaller version of the “main” Santa Maria, which is situated less than 1 km to the north. Its distance from Naoussa is 6 km and from Parikia is 16 km.

Allow us to start with how to find this beach. Put on your GPS restaurant called “Dichti”. Entrance to both parts of Small Santa Maria is opposite to the restaurant and it features a sign. If you will not find it, just ask someone at the restaurant. You can check our luxury accommodation near the beach as well.

There are few nice aspects of Small Santa Maria that you should know about. First of all, Small Santa Maria actually consists of two beaches. The first and organized part is quite luxurious. There are comfortable lux sunbeds and umbrellas. Also, you will have the opportunity to order a coffee or lunch, because there is a waiter from “Dichti” restaurant. Sand of the beach is powdery and as there is no beach bar here, you will find serenity. It is also popular among families with small children. You will definitely enjoy your swim in the crystal sea. Small water sport center, where you can rent sea kayak, adds options for activities.

Small Santa Maria Paros

Second part

Second part of Small Santa Maria is bigger, unspoiled and therefore quieter. It is situated just few steps away from the organized part, towards the west. You will not find sunbeds and umbrellas here. There is only golden sand, crystal sea and unique nature. Due to those aspects, you will find more local people here than tourists. You should know that this part of Small Santa Maria is also suitable of children.

Small Santa Maria rarely has waves, due to the fact that it is “turned” towards the south. Both parts of the beach are also protected in a bay. Something that characterizes both beaches, from nature’s point of view, are small sand hills. Of course, you can combine your visit on this beach with the “big” Santa Maria, as they are close together.

To reach Small Santa Maria, you can use your own mean of transport. Another choice is by bus which will get you to the “big” Santa. From there you can walk for about 10 minutes. If you are staying in Naoussa village, you can use a bicycle.    

small santa maria paros

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