paros nude beach

paros nude beach


Many of our island visitors are looking for Paros nude beaches. Therefore, we would like to present few of them to you. As our island if full of small, unrecorded bays and beaches, you should know many of them are preferred by nudists.
There is only one know location, characterised as Paros nude beach. It is called Laggeri and it is situated between Naoussa and Santa Maria. It is not easy to describe how you can reach it. Therefore we suggest you ask for instructions at your hotel. You can also use, besides your own mean of transport, the caique boat from Naoussa. Depending on the season, there are caique boats departing for Kolymbithras, Monastiri and other beaches. One of those is Paros nude beach, Laggeri. This is more adventurous way to get there and we definitely recommend it.

You might heard of Faragas. This is a beautiful beach on the south coast of Paros. It is organized with beach bar, umbrellas and sunbeds. Left and right of Faragas, there are two small beaches, preferred by few nudists. You should know that Faragas is not Paros nude beach but, there is no eye contact between you and visitors of the beach. Regarding the distances, Faragas is about 15 km away from Parikia and 24 km away from Naoussa.

It is useful to know that you will find few options on the north east coast of Paros. If you drive from Ampelas settlement towards north, you will find many small and secluded beaches. The coastal road goes as far as Filizi islet (use maps to locate it). Right across there is a rocky environment, which can be used as Paros nude beach. Before that, you will find small beach called Aspros Gkremos. It consists of two small bays. The second one (the northern) is less exposed to the road and therefore, you might prefer it.

During some summer days, you might be comfortable also on other beaches, not that popular among nudists. Those are Tsoukalia beach and Glyfades. Both of them are located on the east coast of Paros. There are no accommodations, just few houses and therefore, the location is quiet and not crowded. You will need your own mean of transport to get there, as no bus reaches Tsoukalia or Glyfades. Since one beach is a continuance of the other, you will have plenty of space to find a comfortable spot.

Our last proposal is an unknown location for most of Paros visitors and local. You will find it on the map as Wave Beach. It is situated near Small Santa Maria. To reach it you will pass a restaurant called “To Dichti” and continue along the dirt road. You will find it after about 200 meters.

We would like to point out that you should take all the provisions with you when visiting most of the above beaches. Water, snacks and if you have one, an umbrella for protection from the sun.

paros nude beach

paros nude beach
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