paros nightlife

Paros nightlife is definitely centralized in Naoussa. But don’t misunderstand us, as nightlife in Parikia, the capital of Paros, is also vibrant. Parikia features more options than Naoussa. Therefore, depending on what you are looking for, you should visit both villages on different nights. The most well-known cocktail bars of Parikia are situated on the pavement along the coast line. The amazing thing here is that there are few elevated, just below the picturesque church. Due to the size of old town of Parikia, there is a vibrant Paros nightlife also among the alleys. Consequently, you will find many small bars here, architecture of which follows the Cycladic style. Before enjoying your cocktail, you can have a nice dinner in one of many restaurants. In this case you can also choose one on the coast line or one among the alleys.     

Naoussa nightlife

Due to its beauty, Paros nightlife in the picturesque port of Naoussa might be what you are looking for. Firstl you will discover many cocktail bars here, situated near caique boats. Those are the most famous and they attract visitors from all over the island. Therefore, you should be prepared for encountering crowds. During the season peak it is hard to find a table without waiting.

Paros nightlife in Naoussa offers the choice of clubbing. Most of night clubs are located on the main road near the small bridge. Therefore, if you have finished your drink in one of the bars and would like to continue with the entertainment, those are the choices.

In addition you should know that there are many hidden cocktail bars among alleys of Naoussa. They are small yet very attractive and run by friendly people. We suggest therefore, before sitting anywhere, you take a walk first and see your options.

If you wish to experience Naoussa nightlife but you are staying in other part of Paros, you can use the bus. That is of course if you don’t have your own mean of transport. Make sure to ask the driver about your return schedule. From one hour, depending on the season, buses stop for the night. However, there is always a choice of a taxi but if you are staying far away, it might be costly. If you are driving, please be careful with alcohol consumption!

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