parikia beach


Are you staying in Parikia? Are you wonder if there are nice beaches near the capital of Paros Island? In this article we present to you not one Parikia beach but all of them. There are three famous beaches in the area. Additionally, all three of them are also among the most popular Paros beaches.


This is the main Parikia beach. You probably already saw it when arriving on Paros Island. It is situated just few steps away east of the main port. Livadia beach consists of sand and small pebbles. It is quite long and therefore, you will always find a place to lie down. In spots, there are sunbeds and umbrellas but not enough for all visitors of the beach. Due to this fact, if you wish to find a sunbed, you should get there early. Livadia is protected from big waves in Parikia Bay. This is an “asset”, as during the summer months, winds called Meltemia can get quite strong. 

There are many things you can do in Livadia. There is a beach volley court and water sport center. If you get hungry, you will find a variety of taverns and restaurants, almost touching the sand. Traditional Greek, Italian or comfort are your options here. If you are not saying in Parikia, you can combine your swim with sightseeing. After few hours on this beautiful Parikia beach, you can explore the capital of Paros. We suggest a visit in Panagia Ekatontapiliani church. This is one of the most important religious places in Greece. Afterwards a walk among the alleys is always suggested.


Marcello is another Parikia beach, situated in the bay. Its location, opposite to the capital of Paros, offer enjoyable view of the settlement. This Parikia beach is also considered as one of the top on Paros Island. It consists of powdery sand and crystal clear water. Marcello is quite long and therefore, you will certainly find a nice spot to lie down. There is a beach bar on this Parikia beach, which offers sunbeds and umbrellas. You should know that Marcello attracts visitors from all over the island. Therefore, sunbeds usually are not enough for everyone. Due to this fact, you must get here early in order to find one. We always suggest, no matter to which beach you are going, take your beach umbrella, if you have one. You can stay many hours on this Parikia beach, as the beach bar besides drinks, offers also lunch dishes. 

There are two ways to get to Marcello. First of all, by your own mean of transport. It will take you only few minutes if you are staying in Parikia. The ride is quite enjoyable, because you will have nice view and you will enjoy local architecture. The second is by caique boat from Parikia port. This traditional fishing boats transform to carry people will take you to Krios beach. It shares the same beach line with Marcello and you can reach it on foot.


It is another Parikia beach right next to Marcello. Both beaches share the same beach line. Therefore, Krios also consists of powdery sand and crystal sea. The view from here is also amazing. You will enjoy the ships entering Parikia Bay. Also, the view of south cost of the bay is amazing. There is also a beach bar on Krios beach. Like on Marcello, there are sunbeds and umbrellas here. Next to the beach there is a camping and therefore, it is not easy to find free sunbed here. Yet, if you get here early, you will definitely get one. In order to reach Krios beach, you will need to use your own mean of transport or take a caique boat from Parikia. The fact that both beaches are next to each other, gives you the opportunity swim in both of them in one day.   

Both Marcello and Krios are protected from big waves due to their location. This is a useful information because during the summer their might be north wind in Paros. As there are no waves and both beaches are sandy, you can visit them with your children. It is safe for them to play here.  

parikia beach

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