molos beach paros

molos beach paros
molos beach paros


This location is getting more and more popular every year. Molos area is unique, quiet and protected by Natura 2000 legislation. It features amazing unspoiled beach: Molos beach.
Molos is situated on the east coast of Paros. There are many aspects in this area that are truly worth visiting during your stay on our island. First of all there is amazing beach. It stretches for more than 1 km and therefore, it is the third longest in Paros. The sand here is powdery and there is no tourism infrastructure here like sunbeds or umbrellas. The only thing you will find here is serenity and a small water sport center.

Perfect for families

Molos beach is a perfect location for children. As it is sandy and shallow, your kids can play safely here. It also doesn’t get crowded due to its size. That is why it attracts many families from all over Paros island. The scenery as you enjoy your swim is unforgettable. Looking towards the east, you will have Naxos island for a view. Looking towards south, there is Kefalos hill with a small chapel on top. There is a road leading to this picturesque chapel and therefore, you can get there by car. The view from the hill is spectacular and sometimes, you can see as far as Santorini. If you look towards north, there is Antikefalos hill. On the south tip of Molos beach there is probably the smallest fishing boat harbour you ever saw.

As the beach is located in a bay, it rarely has big waves. This is an advantage because during summer, there are days with strong north winds. In this case, if there are some waves, we suggest you find a spot on the north side of the beach. Like we mentioned above, Molos beach is not organized. You should take this under consideration when you visit it. There are no umbrellas, just a few trees. Therefore, if you have your own beach umbrella, you should take it with you. Water and snacks are “a must” because the closest shop is in Marmara village, about 2km away.

Kalogeros Beach

Near Molos beach, there is another rare, regarding its beauty, beach called Kalogeros. The scenery here is a little bit different. Kalogeros is also unspoiled without any infrastructure. It consists of sand and small pebbles but the unique feature of the beach is its clay. It is known for its healing properties for the skin. Therefore, if you visit it and see people cover with clay, don’t be surprised!
There are two ways to reach Molos beach and Kalogeros. The most comfortable of course, is by using your own means of transport. The second is by bus. Unfortunately, the bus does not reach those beaches. The stop is in Marmara village and therefore you will have to walk for about 20 minutes. We would like to inform you that your walk from Marmara will be accompanied by wonderful views.

molos beach paros

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