marmara paros

marmara paros
marmara paros


Marmara is a small village, almost, on the east coast of Paros Island, 12km. away from Naoussa and 17km. away from Parikia. The area of Marmara features two other village as well; Kostos and Marpissa. The last one is probably the most well-known among those three.
This is a beautiful village with many alleys. Therefore, you can walk among them yet, you will find just few shops here. Almost all alleys consist of houses where local people live. In Marmara you will stumble on few picturesque churches. Probably the most beautiful of them can be seen at the entrance of the village. Another chapel with unique environment is called Pera Panagia and you will find it just after Marmara, on your way to Molos beach.

In the main square of Marmara feature souvlaki tavern where you can relax among local people. This would be a nice experience as this could be the way to see how residences spend their time.

Beaches nearby

About 2 km away from Marmara towards the east, you will find two amazing beaches: Molos and Kalogeros. Molos is one of the biggest beaches of Paros Island so you can enjoy your swim here. It consists of powdery sand crystal shallow sea and you will not find any infrastructure. Second beach is called Kalogeros. The uniqueness of this beach is its clay. It is known for its healing abilities over skin conditions. The beach itself is not organized and it consists of sand and small pebbles.
Very important information is that all area of Molos is protected by NATURA 2000 legislation.
To reach Marmara village you can use the local bus line. Yet, in order to get to two beaches, Molos and Kalogeros, you will have to walk or use your own mean of transport from the beginning.

Kefalos Hill

If you saw on pictures the imposing Kefalos hill with the picturesque monastery on top, it is nearby. Therefore, you can also visit it.

marmara paros

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