beaches near naoussa paros

Beaches NEAR Naoussa

Are you planning to stay in Naoussa Paros and you are wondering if there are beaches nearby? You will not be disappointed. Beaches near Naoussa Paros are considered as the finest on the island. All of them are quite close to the village. Therefore, if you have your own means of transport, you will reach them within 10 minutes.

Within walking distance

Let us start with beaches just few hundred meters away from the center of Naoussa. You can get to them on foot, if you didn’t rent a car or scooter. However, if you did, you can use it to get there faster. First one is Agoi Anargyroi beach. You will find it on the east side of Naoussa and it is about 1km walk from the picturesque harbour. This beach near Naoussa consists of sand and most of the time it does not have waves. Additionally, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas here. Yet, if you wish to be on more secluded spot, you can walk towards east, where the beach is not organized. Less people lay there.

The second beach is Piperi, situated on the west part of Naoussa, right below our Senia Hotel. Piperi beach is quieter and it is not organized. Sunbeds that you will find here belong to Senia Hotel and our guests can use them any time free of charge. You should know that Piperi beach is affected by north wind. Therefore, during days with strong north wind you will find waves here.

Get there by caique boat

Beaches near Naoussa Paros

Yes, there are beaches near Naoussa Paros which you can reach by caique boat. Those traditional fishing boats are modified to transfer people. Starting point is just opposite to the small bridge of Naoussa and you can use them to get to Kolymbithres and Monastiri beach. Additionally, it is useful to know that those are two of top five Paros beaches. Of course, you can reach them using your own means of transport as well. Kolymbithres is just 5 km away and Monastiri is 7 km away. However, we suggest you use caique as it is more fun and the trip takes about 10 minutes.

The most famous

Beaches near Naoussa Paros

Probably the most famous among beaches near Naoussa Paros is Santa Maria. As a long sandy paradise with beach bars and water sport center, it attracts many visitors. Due to the fact that it is just 5 km away from Naoussa, you should not miss it. Santa Maria is well organized and you will find everything there. Additionally, about 2 km away from this beach, there is Small Santa Maria beach. You will find it on Google Maps and it consists of two parts. First part is organized with luxury sunbeds and a small water sport center. The second part is unspoiled and quieter. Our Aeraki Villas is located with walking distance from Small Santa Maria.

No matter which beach near Naoussa you will choose, one thing is for certain; you will relax and enjoy few hours in the sun and in the sea. Afterwards, a delicious dinner in the village is a “must”.     

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