aliki paros

aliki paros
aliki paros


Alikia is probably the most well-known coastal settlement of Paros, after Parikia and Naoussa. It is situated on the south coast of the island, 14 km away from the capital and 20 km away from Naoussa. You probably sow few pictures of this village somewhere online. If you are looking for a place with delicious seafood, this is one of them.


Aliki features many restaurants along its coast, right by the sea. As it has a large fleet of caique boats, taverns and restaurants are supplied on a daily basis with delicious goods. Sometimes all the fleet is docked in the bay and if you are lucky enough, you will see it up close. In Aliki, you will find one of the most famous fish restaurants in Paros as well, which by itself is a small port. Dining in here is not only about seafood. You can enjoy other dishes as well. Of course, there are cafes here too. You can relax and enjoy the sea over coffee or while having a sweet.


We believe that options regarding swimming will exceed your expectations. You will find three beaches here.

First one is north of Aliki and it is named Agios Nikolaos (St. Nikolaos). As you understand, it took its name from a small church. This beach is not organized and it consists of small pebbles. Therefore, we suggest you have a sufficient amount of water with you and perhaps a snack. If you don’t have a sun umbrella, you should know that there are few trees on the east corner of Agios Nikolaos. Also, on the back side of the beach, there is a basketball court, a tennis court, and 5×5 court. The second beach is the most beautiful. It is considered as the main beach of Aliki and therefore, it is well organized. It features sunbeds and umbrellas but if you prefer natural shade, there are trees along the beach. You can order coffee or a cocktail, as you lay on the beach. All the taverns and restaurants are near this beach. The third beach is called Piso Aliki. It is not organized and it consists of pebbles as well. There are trees which offer a natural shade. You will also find plenty of space to park your car and a tavern.

To reach Aliki, you can use the local bus line yet, if you have your own mean of transport, you will be more flexible. There are few interesting and well-known places near the village.

aliki paros

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