Parikia Hotels & Villas

Discover top hotels and villas in Parikia, the capital of Paros. Members of Paros Luxury Hotels in Parikia offer a variety of accommodation experiences. Choose which one suite your style.

Top Naoussa Hotels

Devoted to offer a combination of luxury, tradition and famous Greek hospitality, our hotels welcome you on Paros island. Situated in prime locations, we are introducing to you what vacation in Naoussa is all about. This picturesque village provides unforgettable memories to every visitor. The famous port, alleys, delicious seafood are the aspects you will observe on your first day. Our Naoussa hotels come as a complement, to add even more colour to your holidays. As we are highly rated by previous guests, we are committed to offer even better experience of accommodation to our new visitors. The philosophy in each one of our Paros Luxury Hotels, is to provide guests centered services. Therefore, you can count on us to walk an extra mile, in order to exceed your expectations. The passionate staff in every one of our hotels, is there for you in every step, to assist you with having your dream vacation in Paros.

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