A place that makes your heart skip a beat, as the nature of Paros Island presents its dominating intention. Noble 7 Suites was designed exactly for that; to introduce a hospitality where man and nature coexist in harmony.  

Noble 7 Suites is situated in Aspres, a few minutes away from Parikia. Spending your vacation here cannot be compared to anything else in Paros.   

Paros Luxury Hotels
Paros Luxury Hotels

Adults only with all the modern comforts, yet with a respect for the land it’s built on.

If you are a person that gets inspired by the raw nature of any kind, you should stay here. Again, if you are a person that gets inspired by kind, warm and passionate people, you should stay here. Noble 7 Suites is a rare complex, where the tranquility and serenity is beyond one’s imagination. You will not only see but also feel being surrounded by the Cycladic environment, however in luxurious and comfortable facilities. The view of the sea and ships passing by during the day and of the sunset in the evening, will become an unforgettable memory. The infinity pool will cool you down during the hot summer days. 
In Noble 7 Suite you will experience hospitality at its finest.  


Best Rate Guarantee!



All suites in Noble 7 Suites offer breathtaking views of the sea and of the sunset.

Terpsis Suite

Dheos Suite

Agape Suite

Epithymia Suite

Ekfrasi Suite

Epithymia Suite

Paros Luxury Hotels
Paros Luxury Hotels

Location: Aspries close to Parikia.

Noble 7 Suites is situated away from the noisy crowds. After a few minutes’ drive, you will find yourself in Parikia or on one of the nearby beaches. 

Discover the facilities.

The facilities of Noble 7 Suites are simple and that was the intention from the beginning. The private parking and the infinity pool are just an addition to a place where plants, trekking trails and Mediterranean trees dominate. 

Noble 7 Suites
Noble 7 Suites



License number: 1246461

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