3 Days in Parps

3 Days in Parps

3 days in Paros are enough to see few important aspects of our island however, not enough to enjoy it. Paros features so many beaches, as well as interesting villages. In order to be relaxed and enjoy what the island has to offer, you need at least 5 days. However, many travellers ask what they can do in 3 days in Paros and this is where we will concentrate.

First of all, let’s establish that we are talking about 3 nights in Paros as 3 days. Additionally, as this is important, let say that you will arrive before noon.

Day 1

The first day of your 3 days in Paros starts with the arrival and check-in in your accommodation. Make yourself comfortable, wear swimsuit and start your vacation in the nearest beach. If you have rented a vehicle, we suggest you go to one of the “landmark” beach. These are Santa Maria, Kolymbithres, Golden Beach or Martselo. You should keep in mind those four locations because you must visit them. However, no matter where you will go, you should enjoy lunch on your sunbed as well. Most of our beaches are organized and therefore, you can order anything from a beach bar. 

After relaxing on the beach, it is time to return to your accommodation and take a nap. Next on your 3 days in Paros program is a night out. You should start with a nice seafood dinner by the sea. Secondly, visit one of our countless cocktail bars for something refreshing and exotic.

Day 2

As you wake up early, it is time to see few beautiful locations and attractions. On day 2, we suggest visiting one of the first churches in Greece; Panagia Ekatontapiliani in Parikia. This is an amazing sight. Following Panagia Ekatontapiliani, you should enjoy a nice walk in the alleys of Old Town of Parikia. You will find a wall there, a part of Venetian castle, which was built from ruins of ancient temples. From Parikia, drive to Naoussa village. This is an amazing and well-known settlement. Its reputation precedes it and therefore, take your time. Grab a quick lunch and take one of the caique boats from the port to Kolymbithres or Monastiri beach. Caique boats are traditional fishing boats but modified to transfer people. This will be a small adventure of your 3 days in Paros program.

For your second night out we suggest the same things as in the previous evening, however in different location.   

Day 3

It is your third day in Paros, you are leaving tomorrow but you haven’t seen anything yet! Therefore, we suggest something more active for today, like a daily cruise around Antiparos, or a visit to the cave on Antiparos Island.

The first activity is amazing because it includes stops for swimming in remote places, as well as on-board dining. Additionally, you can participate in a daily cruise from Paros to Santorini, Mykonos and other nearby islands.

Regarding a visit to Antiparos cave, this is a stunning natural attraction. Although Antiparos is a different island, it is easy reachable and in no-time. You can take a small ferry from Punda port (it carries cars as well) and be there in 15 minutes. Another choice is a ferry from Parikia port. After Antiparos, you can enjoy swimming in Martselo beach, situated in Parikia Bay. However, if you like to swim while looking at the sunset, chose Livadia beach.

Since you already are few days in Paros, we will leave night program to you. However, to see a bit more traditional site of Paros by night, you can go to Lefkes or Piso Livadi.

Day 4

Your 3 days in Paros program ends unfortunately today. Depending on what time you are leaving, you can as for a late check-out or for baggage storage. Therefore, you will have a chance for a last walk before leaving our beautiful island…

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